Thursday, December 21, 2017

Reflect On Your Year, Growth, Setbacks To Step Up

Reflect, then Step

Every year since I was a teen, I used December as a time to reflect. I believe it started when my grandmother died. That year was so hard for me since she had been like a 2nd mother to me all of my life.

She died in December, just days before Christmas. It was significant. A time of joy, hope, and I lost her. That year she left, was hard. I promised myself I would survive it.

I did, ONE STEP at A TIME until I got to the NEXT level then the NEXT.


Do your reflection in strength, with knowing that all the challenges were tools to make you stronger, to give you something to learn about yourself, and that you are here, to do a better turn of your challenges next year.

Then let the emotions spill, flush, cleanse you of this year. This year for me was very difficult. I don't want to forget the losses or the gains. I want to gather up those stones to build my NEXT STEP.


Sure, everyone starts with a New Years resolution. This time, start with a NEW YOU resolution. Take one of those losses and ask yourself what you can learn from it, how you want to grow from it. Then take one of your gains, and smile at that, be thankful for it.

Then...step towards your next level.

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