Monday, February 5, 2018

No Fear ~ Blossoming into a new Perspective

Fear Is A Big Barrier

I can't tell you how many times I've been afraid in my life. However, due to where I lived, and how I responded was life, death or depression, I tended to close my eyes and press forward. I did it because truthfully, I had no choice. Fear was my enemy, but also an awesome tool that hindered me from great harm, or catapulted me to a greater path.

Assess The Fear and Use Or Overcome it

Many times when battling an opponent like fear, we have time to assess and calculate where it's coming from. Other times, we are thrust into a situation where fear hits us in seconds and we don't have time to do anything but react. Practicing how to react to fear is important in all situations. When people are taught martial arts, they are taught to react naturally to the immediate threat of fear. Lightening quick and reaction to the situation almost immediately. They practice everyday, and then fear becomes an ignition to the best possible reaction to a probable situation.

Learning to Fight Fear

You can learn the skills to fight your fear. Accepting that you are afraid, but forging on inspite of it. Allow your fear to fuel your catapult. Control your irrational response. Deep breaths will calm your body response and clear your mind. Figure out ways that you can attack the different types and causes of fears.

Don't be afraid of fear, You have the tools to Conquer It!

Monday, January 22, 2018

When Is IT ever Enough?


Many people seek to bloom dreams that equal great financial wealth. And yes, having money does provide some comforts that not having money can't buy.

I have had many friends over time that have battled debt, broken relationships, struggled through massive heartache and abuse. Despite those things, they rose to a comfortable standard of living and gained money that allowed a good living.

However, the money, status, homes, and cars, never fulfilled their heart ~ their souls.


Ask yourself where your happy place is? Mine is when I feel love, express love and am surrounded by love. My other happy place, is when my belly is full, can travel, and am healthy. None of those things I am willing to give up ~ and all of them are things that I don't have to have money to obtain.

What is enough for you?

Monday, January 8, 2018

The Choice to Be Happy

What Does It Mean To Be Happy?

It's an attitude, a perspective on things. Can you change that? Are you willing too? That's a question I ask myself every now and then. I remind myself to relax, pinpoint my mind on things that make me smile, fill my presence with those things, pick them out of the mess of the day.

A mind and heart is a powerful thing, when we use it to turn our mood, make a smile in spite of sadness, and to consider the ways we can turn our situation around.


It is all the more sweeter when you have the balance of sadness, anger, boredom, stepping in and out. When happiness comes in the room, it will be appreciated and savored.

CONTENTEDNESS is the calm sea that breeds HAPPY MOMENTS

Between those moments we claim, wrestle and that make us feel the euphoria of happiness, being content gives you a comfort and peace that is as fulfilling as the seeking of fulfillment.


Make yourself laugh. I personally love comedy. It makes me happy which is why I married a man that is hilarious when he wants to be, which is most of the time. Our date night is usually a comedy or fun action packed movie. When we were scraping nickles together we made it a point to splurge on these.